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stations in operation
at 20 September 2017
3 stations currently closed.

Station Location Number State Period Description
Childebert/Rivière Lyon's 2nd arrondissement 2035 closed autumn 2017 during the renovation of Grand Hôtel-Dieu. Station enlarged with 11 additional points of attachment.
Conservatoire bis Lyon's 4th arrondissement 4001 closed end of 2017 during the construction work near the station
Beauvisage / Préssensé Lyon's 8th arrondissement 8008 partial service reopening forecast 2018 10 points of attachment are out of service during the construction of the new T6 tram line. Station closed in November
Marietton ouest Lyon's 9th arrondissement 9043 closed end of 2017 for rehabilitation after degradation


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AllBikesNow by JCDecaux
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