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Legal Notices

This site is published by Lyon Métropole. It presents the Vélo’v™ service : this is a rental service offered by Lyon Métropole and operated by JCDecaux France.
Vélo’v™ is a trademark of Lyon Métropole.

An official Métropole de Lyon site : www.grandlyon.com
Métropole de Lyon - 20 rue du Lac – CS 33569 - Lyon Cedex 03
Tel: 33 4 78 63 40 40

JCDecaux France - Vélo'v - TSA 90003 - 78378 Plaisir Cedex 
Vélo'v Customer Service : contact.velov(at)jcdecaux.com or call (33) 1 30 79 33 40 Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and on Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Director of Publication : Pascale Ammar-Khodja, Director of Communication 
Editorial supervision, management and updating : Dorian Notturno, Resources Department, JCDecaux
Photographs : Lyon Métropole media library, J.Léone - A.Hauteroche, JCDecaux media library
Videos : unless otherwise indicated, videos are the property of Lyon Métropole

Design and graphic : e-magineurs - www.e-magineurs.com
Technical production : Ausy - www.ausy.fr
Technical Maintenance : Lyon Métropole Department of Digital Innovation and IT Systems
Weather Report supplied by Guillaume Séchet - www.meteo-lyon.net 
Content Management System : Typo3 - typo3.org
Hosting : Eolas - www.eolas.fr

Processing of personal data and right to access, modification and removal

This site was declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL, the French data protection authority) under number 1077650.

Personal data collected on the site are obtained from the voluntary communication of an email address when an electronic message is left on the site. Email addresses collected in this way are used only to transmit information requested.

Lyon Métropole, JCDecaux France and the company's service provider keep email addresses in a confidential manner for a limited time. Email addresses thus collected will not be transferred to a third party nor processed by Lyon Métropole.

Our servers are not configured to collect personal information on site visitors, except for the following technical data: source of connection (Internet service provider), IP address, type and version of the browser used.

Traffic data are used only to enable us to analyze the frequency of consultation of our information pages in order to improve their contents. Data related to browsing by visitors are not used nominatively. These are aggregated statistics that enable knowing the most and least popular pages, preferred pathways, activity level by day, by week and by time of day and the main client or server errors.

We remind users that the secrecy of correspondence sent over the Internet is not guaranteed. For this reason, users are the only ones responsible for the contents of their correspondence.

JCDecaux France, the company responsible for operating the service, implements automatic processing of personal data for the management of self-service Vélo’v™ Bikes for Lyon Métropole.

In compliance with Article 34 of Law 78-17 dated January 6, 1978, concerning information, files and civil liberties, you have the right to access and rectify your nominative data. To exercise this right, send a letter to : Métropole de Lyon - Direction des Affaires Juridiques et de la Commande Publique - 20, rue du Lac - BP 33569 - 69505 Lyon Cedex 03.

Cookies storing information related to visitor browsing

When you visit the site, Métropole de Lyon, JCDecaux France or the service provider may place cookies on your computer.

They enable optimizing your browsing pathway on the site and let you access certain services (self-service bike subscriptions, definition of favorites). They also store information related to your pathway on our site (the pages you have consulted, date and time of consultation, etc.).

You may oppose the placement of cookies by configuring your browser in the following way:

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Choose the "Tool" menu, then "Options"
  2. Click on the "Privacy" icon
  3. Find the "Cookie" menu and chose the options you want

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  1. Chose the "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options"
  2. Click on the "Confidentiality" tab
  3. Choose the level you want with the cursor

For Safari:

  1. In the menu bar, chose the "Edit" menu
  2. In the drop-down menu, choose "Preferences"
  3. Chose the "Security" icon
  4. To prohibit cookies, choose the "Never" option It is not possible to block cookies one by one with this browser.

For Chrome:

  1. Click on the Google Chrome menu in the browser tool bar
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Click on "Show advanced settings"
  4. In the "Privacy" section, click on the "Content settings" button
  5. In the "Cookies" section, you can modify the settings and disable all cookies by choosing the "Block sites from setting any data" option

For Opera:

  1. Chose the menu "File">"Preferences"
  2. Privacy

When you oppose the installation or use of a cookie, a "refusal cookie" is installed on your equipment. In a similar way, when you agree to the installation of cookies, an "acceptance cookie" is installed. If you remove the refusal or acceptance cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify your choice for cookie use.

Legal provisions

The various website elements (form, page layout, background, structure, etc.) are protected by drawing and model rights, copyrights, brand rights and image rights, and they cannot be copied or imitated, totally or in part, except on the express authorization of Lyon Métropole.

Anyone who does not follow the legal applicable provisions is guilty of counterfeiting and subject to the criminal penalties provided for by law.


This site is a work whose author is "Métropole de Lyon" according to Articles L. 111.1 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

Photographs, texts, logos, pictograms and all work included on the site are the property of "Métropole de Lyon" or of third parties that have authorized "Métropole de Lyon" to use them.

Reproduction, broadcast, modification or reuse, on paper or digitally, of the site and the works included on the site is authorized only for personal and private use, in compliance with the provisions of Article L. 122.5 of the Intellectual Property Code. These reproductions must clearly indicate the source and author of the site and/or of multimedia work.

These reproductions shall in no way interfere with the rights of third parties.

Reproduction, broadcast, modification or use for advertising, commercial or information purposes of all or part of this website is strictly prohibited.

Lyon Métropole and Velo'v logos

Lyon Métropole and Vélo'vTM logos may not be modified, including their proportions, colors and constituent elements, and may not be transformed, animated or subject to any other process.

Lyon Métropole and Vélo'vTM logos may be used with and associated to verifiable information only. In particular, they may not be used to illustrate relationships with Lyon Métropole or duly established sponsoring actions.

In all cases, Lyon Métropole reserves the right to approve or disapprove the use of Lyon Métropole and Vélo'vTM logos to ensure their proper utilization, in compliance with the ethics, morals and interests of Lyon Métropole.

The above-mentioned conditions apply to the context of Internet pages; they do not refer to the use of the logo in other documents.

Lyon Métropole reserves the right to modify the conditions for using the Lyon Métropole and Vélo'vTM logos at any time and without previous notice.

Database rights

The databases are protected by the Law dated July 1, 1998, and French copyright law.

Data flow

Real-time data flow from the Vélo'v stations is available free of charge on the Grand Lyon Data site of Lyon Métropole (OpenData license).  The creation of a Grand Lyon Data account will give you access to a web service providing Vélo'v flows. Use of data from the Grand Lyon Data site implies acceptance of its General Terms of Use.

Establishment of links to the www.velov.grandlyon.com site

Lyon Métropole authorizes the implementation of a hypertext link to its www.velov.grandlyon.com site for all websites, except for those that convey information of a polemic, pornographic or xenophobic nature or, more broadly, sites that are offensive to the majority of people.

The link must lead to the home page of the site, and the www.velov.grandlyon.com site must be displayed in a new window. The pages of the www.velov.grandlyon.com site must in no instance be included within the pages of another site (Frame). Unless specifically authorized on a case-by-case basis, a direct link to an internal page of the site is prohibited. Requests for the establishment of a hypertext link to the Vélo'v, www.velov.grandlyon.com site must be made by email to the webmaster.

In all cases, Lyon Métropole reserves the right to request the removal of a link to a target site that does not follow the rules defined by Lyon Métropole.

Links to third-party sites from the www.velov.grandlyon.com site

Hypertext links implemented within a site toward other sites and/or personal pages and, more broadly, toward existing Internet resources, are not under the responsibility of Lyon Métropole as concerns the links they contain or the modifications or updates that are made to them.


Our services make every effort to offer site visitors reliable and verifiable information. However, in spite of our efforts, the site may contain inexact information, defective updating or errors.

Information found on this site is indicative and may vary from reality observed in the field. Lyon Métropole may not be held responsible for missing or erroneous data.

We welcome email notifications from users concerning possible omissions, errors or corrections; please contact the webmaster.




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