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A simple solution for rapid travel throughout Lyon and Villeurbanne

Vélo’v is 4,000 rental bikes found at 348 stations in Lyon and Villeurbanne. This service is available for riders who are 14 and older. It's available 24/7, 365 days a year. Each station has a terminal with a touch screen for accessing the various offers and a series of attachment posts for parking the bikes. Whatever the offer chosen, the first 30 minutes of use on each new trip are free of charge! Vélo’v is a service, offered by Lyon Métropole and operated by JCDecaux France.

Vélo’v : a mixed bike designed for everyone

cycling characteristics: description below


Bike features : confortable and adjustable seat, three-speed anti-derailment system, bell, large capacity basket, anti-theft system, self-powered lighting, drum brakes, puncture-proof tires, double kickstand and chain adjuster.


  • AllBikesNow by JCDecaux
  • Géovélo by La Compagnie des Mobilités
  • Optymod'Lyon by Cityway
AllBikesNow by JCDecaux
Géovélo by La Compagnie des Mobilités
Optymod'Lyon by Cityway
Onlymoov, all your trips in real time (website in french in a new window)

Optimize your trip

Your travel in real time