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Accessibility standards

Accessibility to public services for the disabled is a requirement of Law no. 2005-102, dated February 2005, concerning equality of rights and opportunities and civic participation for the disabled. Article 47 of the law states that online public communication services of the State and local communities, as well as the public establishments tied to them, must be accessible to the disabled.

Three standards currently determine the level of Internet accessibility

  • WCAG (Web Content Access Guide) technical standards from the W3 Consortium. These are international standards, but they do not have a legislative interpretation in France.
  • "Accessiweb" labels from the association of the same name. They are based on the WCAG standards and include a list of 92 criteria associated to "bronze", "silver" and "gold" labels.
  • General Repository of Accessibility for Administrations (RGAA) for the technical means of implementing the future order. This recent standard is being published.

Compliance with standards

The Vélo’v site is designed to follow current standards concerning HTML, style sheets and JavaScript.

The current version of the Vélo’v site is at Level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative for the WCAG-1.0 standard and meets many of the requirements for Level AAA. Only the videos and interactive station map on this site do not meet the accessibility level because they do not have a text-based alternative.

Use of shortcuts according to type of browser

The key combinations to validate these shortcuts are different with different browsers :

  • IE Windows, Google Chrome : Alt + Maj + [Shortcut] then Enter
  • Mozilla, Netscape, K-Meleon, Firefox Windows: Alt + Shift and [Shortcut]
  • Opera 7 Windows, Macintosh, Linux: Esc + Shift and [Shortcut]
  • MSIE Macintosh: Ctrl and [Shortcut] then Enter
  • Safari 1.2 Macintosh: Ctrl and [Shortcut]
  • Mozilla, Netscape Macintosh: Ctrl and [Shortcut]
  • Galeon/Mozilla/Firefox Linux: Alt and [Shortcut]
  • Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror, Omniweb, Safari before Version 1.2 and Opera Windows/Linux before Version 7 do not support keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have been included on the site. CAUTION : do not use the numeric keypad but the numbers above the alphabetic keys.

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