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Use of shortcuts according to type of browser

The key combinations to validate these shortcuts are different with different browsers :

  • IE Windows, Google Chrome : Alt + Maj + [Shortcut] then Enter
  • Mozilla, Netscape, K-Meleon, Firefox Windows: Alt + Shift and [Shortcut]
  • Opera 7 Windows, Macintosh, Linux: Esc + Shift and [Shortcut]
  • MSIE Macintosh: Ctrl and [Shortcut] then Enter
  • Safari 1.2 Macintosh: Ctrl and [Shortcut]
  • Mozilla, Netscape Macintosh: Ctrl and [Shortcut]
  • Galeon/Mozilla/Firefox Linux: Alt and [Shortcut]
  • Netscape 4, Camino, Galeon, Konqueror, Omniweb, Safari before Version 1.2 and Opera Windows/Linux before Version 7 do not support keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have been included on the site. CAUTION : do not use the numeric keypad but the numbers above the alphabetic keys.

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  • AllBikesNow by JCDecaux
  • Géovélo by La Compagnie des Mobilités
  • Optymod'Lyon by Cityway
AllBikesNow by JCDecaux
Géovélo by La Compagnie des Mobilités
Optymod'Lyon by Cityway
Onlymoov, all your trips in real time (website in french in a new window)

Optimize your trip

Your travel in real time